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CAFÉ SPONTANE × DE KOFFIEFILTERS — For The Coffee Edition Café Spontane teamed up with the creative duo behind De Koffiefilters. This gathering was hosted in the headquarters of Amsterdam based coffee label Stooker Specialty Coffee. We explored varieties, production methods, roasting and brewing, all of which have a great impact on the taste of the coffee, and we learned that coffee doesn’t only match with sweets, but can also be combined with savoury flavours or even used as an ingredient.






Café Spontane is an initiative of Fanny Olsthoorn (art direction) and Martina Bianchini (food creative). For The Coffee Edition they teamed up with Regina Mol and Richt Kooistra (founders of De Koffiefilters) and Stooker Specialty Coffee. Photography by Johanneke Procee.

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