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Aore was founded by Fanny Olsthoorn and Johanneke Procee. As a creative duo, they share an understated and minimal aesthetic and elevate their individual skills to create work that exudes simplicity and harmony. Embracing honest materials and tactility, their work is rich in detail, form and execution. Their projects, which range from visual identities to packaging, branding to production, styling to photography, always start with a carefully constructed story. By focusing on the essence, the duo translates concepts into well-crafted, meaningful, and timeless designs. Fanny and Johanneke work across a variety of brands in fashion, design, interior, lifestyle and art.


FANNY OLSTHOORN — An Amsterdam-based, internationally-minded freelance designer who works in creative direction and graphic design. She has always been interested in visual communication and graphic design, and has a rooted passion for magazines and print. Her work can be described as sophisticated, focused on the essentials but rich in detail, form and presentation. Whether it’s designing a magazine, developing a visual style, styling an image, or curating a space for a gathering, Fanny seeks to create manifestations that are inspiring and beautiful in their simplicity. That, and a flat white and a cinnamon bun served in a stylish café.

Fanny Olsthoorn graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Concept and Branding. She gained work experience as in-house designer at fashion brands Oilily and YAYA, as well as at London-based design consultancy Graphic Thought Facility and Everything Type Company in New York. Fanny has been working independently since 2016, as a freelance graphic designer, for among others, Studio Berry Slok, where she focused on exhibition design and graphic design for leading museums as well as art and cultural institutions. She has also initiated personal projects including Amsterdam-based pop-up events Café Spontane.

JOHANNEKE PROCEE — Having grown up in Brazil and the Netherlands, she knows a thing or two about building bridges and connecting different worlds and disciplines. Her product design background has strongly influenced her approach to design as she seeks to balance form, material and tactility. Conceptual and intuitive, her minimalistic style champions attention to detail and a strong aesthetic. Over the years, her work has shifted in focus from product and interior design to more graphic work, visual design, styling and photography. Johanneke is an all-round creative who enjoys working on conceptual projects as well as practical, commercial designs. She is passionate about art, culture and design, and is drawn to places that exude purity and serenity.

Johanneke Procee graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven’s design department Man and Living. While working at Jongeriuslab, she was inspired by Hella Jongerius’ inventive and sophisticated approach to designing products. In 2011 Johanneke started working as a freelance designer from Tel Aviv, Israel, where she also completed a ceramics course at the Benyamini School of Ceramic Art. Upon returning to the Netherlands, Johanneke worked as an in-house product designer at fashion brand Oilily for several years before working independently as a multifaceted creative.

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